The Cynical Alchemist

E01 Black Royale Dungeon - Third Layer
Pitch dark underforrest caverns

The Darkhorses Fight their way through the Darkness…

With their celebrity farewell from the Descent Inn’s stage elevator, the Darkhorses descend for half an hour past the working underparts of the casino, hotels and inns past miles of cut stone and the occasional open chambers of darkness until their massive elevator platforms comes to rest in the landing chamber with its single hewn mine shaft spiraling deeper into darkness.

Their staff sets up a base camp in the landing chamber while the elevator creeks and rumbles up and away with rusted iron door slamming closed the circular hole in the ceiling. The staff serving the Darkhorse Band: portersquire brothers Aron and Alton and their younger, stoner cousin Dominic. The journeyman alchemist Ciprini and the withered dungeon sage, Abbas. Giovanni’s young apprentice Dakota off to herself in a corner as well. Their two wagons of supplies and gear, and Ciprini’s portable labratory set up.


The party descends the spiraling mine shaft down to a long hewn tunnel leading into a recently constructed or repaired masonry chamber, tools off to one side with stairs leading up into the cut stone crafted chamber and another set of stairs leading to a large reinforced and partially mechanical doors.



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