They Were Mercenaries or Worse…






Having been manipulated by the mysterious and unnamed Alchemist, the characters gathered in the far western kingdom of Thessa.

Meeting in the Dock Quarter of western Thesangles at the Goat’s Head Inn #3 to meeting with agents of their employer and given a magical horn/phone.

The party meets their manager and agent Tassilo von Grolman and some of their hired dungeoneering staff. The party meets the lord and manager of the Black Royale Casino and Hotels, Laetner Rioese, to sign the contracts as the 8th team on the roster.

The party gathers their gear and dungeoneering staff (portersquires, sage, journeyman alchemist and Giovanni’s apprentice) and meet in the central most inn of the Black Royale Casino complex on the giant steel elevator to delve into the dungeon’s third layer…

The Cynical Alchemist

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